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New Ulm Scorecard

USGA Report

Hole #1 – 481 yd. Par 5
Hit a good drive and you will be able to go for this green in two. Avoid the water on the right to have a good look at birdie.


Hole #2 – 164 yd. Par 3

Hole #3 – 308 yd. Par 4
A tee shot of about 200-215 yards will put you in the perfect spot on this tricky dog-leg right.

Hole #4 – 355 yd. Par 4
Hitting the fairway is crucial on this short par 4 with out of bounds left and water right.


Hole #5 – 387 yd. Par 4
#5 is the hardest hole on the course for a good reason. You must find the fairway as there is trouble on both sides. Your approach will be a lengthy shot into the mound protected green.

Hole #6 – 186 yd. Par 3

Hole #7 – 324 yd. Par 4
This dog-leg right requires accuracy on every shot. A tee shot of about 210 yards will put in perfect position for your second shot. Short is better than long on the approach as out of bounds surrounds the back and sides of the green.


Hole #8 – 345 yd. Par 4
Avoid the fairway bunker on the right and reward yourself with a great birdie opportunity.


Hole #9 – 499 yd. Par 5
This long par 5 is a tough one. If you want to go for the green in two, you must pound a drive. Otherwise, a 3-wood or long iron will put you in the position to lay up for of the water hazard in front of the green.


Hole #10 – 170 yd. Par 3
Make sure you take enough club as this tee shot is severely uphill.

Hole #11 – 411 yd. Par 4
This bearcat of a par 4 leaves you with a long shot into a large green the slopes heavily from back to front.


Hole #12 – 170 yd. Par 3
Take the right club because this shot plays as all carry and a mistake could be costly.

Hole #13 – 451 yd. Par 5
This par 5 fits the feast or famine description perfectly. You can cut a large part of the yardage off by hitting a tee shot over the corner, but make sure you hit it far enough or you’ll be out of bounds. This will leave you with about 200-210 yards into the green. The smartest play is something about 220 yards straight ahead which will give you 240 yards into the green.


Hole #14 – 170 yd Par 3

Hole #15 – 395 yd. Par 4
Hit your drive 225 yards to stay safe on the fairway, which quickly drops 30 feet. From there, you have 160 yards to a small, elevated green. You’ll need a 260 yard tee shot to clear the rough filled down slope and leave yourself a wedge into the green.


Hole #16 – 290 yd. Par 4
Big hitters can knock it on this green in one, but you better make sure you get it there. The green is surrounded by bunkers and trees. Another route you can take is laying up to 80 yards and going at the pin with a wedge.


Hole #17 – 335 yd. Par 4
This par 4 can be played two ways; you can either try to drive it up the hill and give yourself a good look at birdie or you can hit something 200 yards off the tee and leave yourself a blind uphill shot into a green that slopes greatly from back to front.


Hole #18 – 485 yd. Par 5
The closing hole can be a tricky one. After you hit your drive you have the choice to either go for the green with a blind downhill shot or you can lay up to around 100 yards. Make sure you keep you are cautious on your lay-up because a mistake will put you in the trees. From there you have a downhill shot into a small green.