Course Info

USGA Report

Hole #1 – Par 5 – 502 yards

A straight forward par 5 to start your day. Hit a good drive and you will be able to go for this green in two. The green is flat, so avoid the water on the right to have a good look at birdie.

Hole #2 – Par 3 – 175 yards

A good mid-iron par 3 with a green that slopes severely from back to front. Also watch out for the false left side. Lots of tricky putts on this green, so take your two-putt par and move on quickly!

Hole #3 – Par 4 – 342 yards

A tee shot of about 220 yards will put you in the perfect spot on this tricky dog-leg right. Another green that slopes from back to front, so try to keep your wedge shot below the hole.

Hole #4 – Par 4 – 362 yards

A short par four where driver isn’t needed. Hitting the fairway is crucial here with out of bounds left and water right. A relatively flat green gives you a good chance for birdie!

Hole #5 – Par 4 – 416 yards

This long par 4 requires a straight drive and accurate second shot with a long iron. Mounds guard the front, back, and right of this flat green. OB lurks on the left. Par is a good score here.

Hole #6 – Par 3 – 209 yards

The longest of the par 3’s at NUCC. The green is protected by a bunker on each side and mounds behind the green. The green may be relatively flat, but it’s size makes for tricky two-putts.

Hole #7 – Par 4 – 354 yards

This dog-leg right requires accuracy on every shot. A tee shot of about 210 yards will put in perfect position for your second shot. Short is better than long on the approach as out of bounds surrounds the back and sides of the green.

Hole #8 – Par 4 – 375 yards

This dogleg left can be a tricky fairway to hit for some golfers. The second shot plays slightly uphill and a bunker guards the green on the left, with water right. This can be a good birdie opportunity if you can find the fairway off the tee.

Hole #9 – Par 5 – 513 yards

Not the longest par 5 you’ve played, but definitely one of the most difficult. A very narrow tee shot starts it off with OB left. From there, big hitters will have a go at the green, but they must navigate the OB left again by the green and the pond in front. Once on the green, it slopes from back to front and right to left, so you’ll most likely have a big breaker for your birdie putt.

Hole #10 – Par 3 – 180 yards

This par 3 plays severely uphill, so take enough club. The raised green can leave you a tough chip, so an up and down can be tricky.

Hole #11 – Par 4 – 465 yards

This long par 4 will take all you have to make par. Hit a solid drive to leave a long iron into the green that slopes severely from back to front. The front half is flatter, so a front pin makes this hole a bit easier.

Hole #12 – Par 3 – 177 yards

This par 3 plays as all cary, so be sure to take the right club because a mistake could be costly. A big momentum hole for matches due to the solid shot that’s required.

Hole #13 – Par 5 – 459 yards

This par 5 fits the feast or famine description perfectly. You can cut a large part of the yardage off by hitting a tee shot over the corner, but make sure you hit it far enough or you’ll be out of bounds. This will leave you with about 200-210 yards into the green. The smartest play is something about 210 yards straight ahead which will give you 240 yards into the green.

Hole #14 – Par 3 – 175 yards

Flat, straight forward par 3 where the green falls off in front. A bunker on each side makes this green appear very narrow from the tee.

Hole #15 – Par 4 – 401 yards

One of the most difficult holes at NUCC. Hit your drive 225 yards to stay safe on the first fairway, which quickly drops 30+ feet. From there, you have 160 yards to a small, very elevated green. You’ll need a 260 yard poke to clear the rough filled down slope and leave yourself a wedge into the green.

Hole #16 – Par 4 – 300 yards

Short, drivable dogleg right. Big hitters can knock it on this green in one, but you better make sure you get it there. The green is surrounded by bunkers and trees. Another route you can take is laying up to 80 yards and going at the pin with a wedge.

Hole #17 – Par 4 – 341 yards

This par 4 can be played two ways; you can either try to drive it up the hill and give yourself a good look at birdie or you can hit something 200 yards off the tee and leave yourself a blind uphill shot into a green that slopes greatly from back to front.

Hole #18 – Par 5 – 496 yards

The closing hole can be a tricky one. After you hit your drive you have the choice to either go for the green with a blind downhill shot or you can lay up to around 100 yards. Make sure you keep you are cautious on your lay-up because a mistake will put you in the trees. From there you have a downhill shot into a small green.